Arranging debt for residential investment properties is at the core of IPCA Group’s business. The team assist high net worth individuals, both national and international, to purchase residential properties with a lending requirement above £1m.

IPCA Group is dynamic and flexible in its approach, making the business best placed to find solutions to the financial market’s continuous changes. The team have built and maintained relationships with executive professionals within the global industry for over a decade. With these unparalleled relationships, the business can find the best rates and navigate complex transactions, supporting both the clients and the institutions.

The teams’ experience covers wide-ranging cases from prime central London properties, country estates to a portfolio of rental properties. Their successful track record has established consistent repeat business from their clients.

IPCA Group understands that every transaction is unique. Therefore, through a thorough analysis of the deal specifications and the clients’ requirements, the team can source bespoke lending terms unique to fit the clients’ needs.

Previous Residential Projects

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